P.U.S.H – A Minimalistic Game That Started A Trend


What started out as a way for us to burn a half of day’s time at the office, resulted in a phenomenon that opened our eyes into a new way of looking at viral gaming and marketing. We never knew that simply pushing a button could result in such a “world wide” craze… but hey, who are we to complain?

With a game as Simple as pushing a button, resulted in players playing 8 hours straight in 140 countries around the world!



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P.U.S.H. – Press Until Something Happens is the ultimate simple game. Press and hold the button to start, release the button to finish. That’s it. There is no way to win P.U.S.H.; the only objective is to hold the button as long as possible. The longer you hold, the higher your rank on the leaderboard will be (and the harder it will be for others to beat your score).

To P.U.S.H.:

1. Enter your username or real name to make your P.U.S.H. account.

2. Press Until Something Happens. (What’s the ‘Something’ that happens, you ask? Anything. You get bored, your phone dies, you hit the top score…there’s no end to the amount of things that can make you stop pressing!)

3. Stop pressing and see your name and score in the leaderboards. Also, check out where your friends rank! Be careful, your rank will constantly be contested as new users try to beat your time! Remember, it’s your determination that’s being tested! One more thing, P.U.S.H. hates cheaters. A number of anti-cheating measures have been implemented, including having to shake your phone at random intervals (every 15-60 minutes or so) to prove you’re still P.U.S.H.ing! No shenanigans!

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